34 thoughts on “Where Do You Start as a Graphic Designer?”

    1. Hi, My name is Ebuka

      Q1. How can one get the right font and style for a client?
      Q2. I have a problem with color, though I know how to use my color palette which is primary color is 60% which is either black & white or Black or white and the rest can be 40% of the design when designing a poster or banner

  1. Beautiful thank you dear. But after the emergence of artificial intelligence techniques and tools, she advises me to learn the skill of graphic design. Especially since I am a beginner in this field and I learn it myself from the YouTube platform.
    May God reward you with all goodness
    Your follower from Gaza, occupied Palestine

  2. I want to become a graphic designer like you but instead of making logos I want to do character illustration for people who want to create storys or games,movies etc. I’m currently working going to school so I can do that. This video is super helpful as I’m studying rightnow. With that you earned a sub from me.

  3. I saw a photo like you mentioned yourself, that inspired me and i’ve saved that photo and I spent hours in photoshop trying to
    make my version of it but it is truly very hard. The photo Itself is poster/flyer oriented of an automobile it truly is inspiring and made me want to expand my photography into a whole different direction. I just am not sure how to go about doing it.

  4. I used to know design but I fell off. And most things I know are self taught so I lack the fundamentals and correct techniques. I’m currently a UX designer but I keep on hitting a wall with design. I’m looking into spending Β£10,000 on a shillington course. Learning alone is hard for me because I need to psychically talk to someone and get my questions answered as well as feedback 😩 Any suggestions of GOOD courses, tired of starting a course and finding out that’s it’s rubbish

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